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Hand-Crafted Tools To Stretch Your Sound
T-Shirts are now available! Just scroll down on the "Funk Fingers" page and you can order them there.
Finger Bow
The "Finger Bow" is available now!!!!

New videos with lots of Cymbow action !
This video about the Cymbow was created by Dutch Rall and stars Pat Mastelotto.
This is a Paiste promotional video staring Merlin Ettore in which he uses quite a lot of Cymbow.
Vasco Trilla from Barcelona making very cool use of a Cymbow in this great video!
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Guitarist David Kollar and Cymbow user (KOMARA, The Blessed Beat, Many film scores) appears on the new Steven Wilson album "To The Bone" to be released in August 2017. It is exciting that David uses his Cymbow on Steven's new album!!
In 2017 King Crimson continues to tour with it's 8 members. Depending on the specific songs chosen for their set list you are likely to see Tony Levin use Funk Fingers and possibly other Expanding Hands Music Products. Pat Mastelotto might be seen and heard using a Cymbow or Zinger and who knows what. Both of them often have other EHM prototypes along and those may also make an appearence.