A different way to play bass!
"Funk Fingers" are back, available again after many years through a license agreement with Tony Levin.
For anyone new to "Funk Fingers", they are sticks that strap to your 1st and 2nd fingertips and are used to play bass guitar. "Funk Fingers" can create a powerful attack and punchy sound. They are length compensated for the difference in fingers to assist in playing individual strings.

Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Stick Men, John Lennon, Yes, Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, and many more). He has this to say: "The Funk Fingers have had a long and interesting history. After having them made here in Woodstock for a year, when the idea was new, I ceased producing them, thinking there were enough out there in the world. But last year, when Kevin introduced his improvements to the design, I was excited about how much better they are now to play bass with, and have given him my blessing to produce them with his design improvements. These are the Funk Fingers I'm using, and I think other players could do some wild things with them too."

Tony Levin
April 2013

Photo by Paul Jorgensen 2011



"Funk Fingers" are now available in 2 types.
"Original Type": Just like those that Tony sold in the late 1990s, except that the logo is now burned in. $22

New "Red Type" Tony prefers and uses these currently! These have a little extra weight-about 4 grams each-added at the tip for better feel, more control and a little heavier attack. $26

Concerning the original "Funk Fingers" sold by Tony Levin. In reintroducing "Funk Fingers" I've made a slight modification to distinguish my newly made ones from the originals. The made by Expanding Hands Music have the logo "burned" in, where the originals that Tony sold had the logo applied in ink. If you come across an original pair that you want to buy, make sure that the logo is in ink and not burned in. I own an original pair myself and want to make sure they keep their heritage.

"Funk Fingers" are not toys and should be kept out of reach of small children. "Funk Fingers" should be used only as intended by responsible musicians to play musical instruments. If your "Funk Fingers" should become damaged, you should stop using them.

is a registered trademark of Anthony Levin, used under license.


Shipping & Handling costs for 1-2 pairs of “Funk Fingers”
Shipped via USPS “First Class”
USA domestic $6
Canada $10
All other countries $16

Products Under Development

The "Finger Bow" is being developed by Kevin Andrews at EHM.


Keep Checking Back for progress and availability on these and other products.

© 2013 Expanding Hands Music LLC



Claymation by Mark Giles, Funk Fingers bass played by Kevin Andrews.




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