Expanding Hands Music LLC 2023
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Hand-Crafted Tools To Stretch Your Sound
About Us
The name Expanding Hands comes from our products, which are all designed to EXPAND your hand's playing technique and capabilities.
Expanding Hands Music LLC is a small shop in Atlanta, Georgia, owned and operated by me, Kevin Andrews.

Wood Working
I have been working with wood since I was about 10 years old and enjoy designing and making things to serve my needs or solve problems. I spent 15 years working in the plastics industry during the day while playing, writing and recording music at night and on weekends. My time in the plastics world contributed to my abilities in design and manufacturing.
EHM was born out my strong love of music and interest in designing and building things. Encouragement from friends after I had made and given them some tools to play bass also played a large role starting this company.

I have been designing and inventing things for decades so starting Expanding Hands Music seemed like a logical step after a little encouragement from Tony Levin & Pat Mastelotto in 2012.

Music & Engineering
I have been playing bass since I was 15 and am 95% self-taught, having only had about 35 lessons in my life. I was fortunate to have about five of those lessons with Jerry Peek of the original Steve Morse Band. I also enjoy playing around with Stick, guitar, drums, & keys, but bass is my main instrument.

In my private studio I have recorded and or mixed and or played on several CDs with bands including Turbid Blue, Bongo Wrench, Hoplites, Trickum, RoboCromp, Sue Wilkinson, Native Sons, Diamond Lil, Rob Rushin, and others. I have also played on Local, national & international recordings I did not engineer by Pat Mastelotto, The Mastelottos, Marco Machera ,David Patterson, The Rockin’ Pontoons, Cobweb Strange, Matthew Kahler, Chip Houston, The Lotus Eaters, production music library, and many more.

I currently play with Bongo Wrench (an all improv band), Turbid Blue, Zentropy, which is also improv group and Eva Sotus and the Hollow Bones.

I worked at a commercial studio/production company as an engineer and in other rolls for 4 years. While there I worked on many different types of projects such as TV and Radio commercials, corporate videos for internal corporate communications and trade show applications, albums for various bands, music composition, as an audio engineer, video editor, and in video shoots, trade show tech control, studio musician, etc. I have written and recorded music for NARAS charity “Music Cares”, Bellsouth/AT&T, APC Studios, Co-written and recorded for Siemens , as well as other companies. I’ve co-engineered live recordings and mixes for radio rebroadcast of many bands including Tori Amos, Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Matthews, Kid Rock, Chris Cornell, Joe Diffie, Avril Lavigne, Live, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Bare Naked Ladies, Bon Jovi, and many others.

I am proud and honored to know Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto & Pete Lockett ,and to be involved in these products!

Kevin Andrews
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Expanding Hands Music LLC has Ended Business Operations