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Hand-Crafted Tools To Stretch Your Sound
CS-Lap Bar
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Available Now In Limited Quantities!
A hand-made wood bar designed for playing Chapman Stick(R) while sitting.
Chapman Stick is a registered trademark of Stick Enterprises and is not affiliated with Expanding Hands Music LLC.
The CS-Lap Bar, designed for playing the Chapman Stick® while sitting.
As a Chapman Stick® player you may be used to only playing while standing as was the case with me. After a while when recording myself while also operating my DAW there were times that sitting and playing Stick was better for me than standing. Several players that I consulted with about how they perform and record were also looking for a simple, comfortable, supportive and affordable lap rest. Many of them have been using a drum stick or upside down wood coat hanger as a lap rest but the narrowness becomes uncomfortable quickly.
I designed several prototypes and finally settled on this version.
Each CS-Lap Bar is hand-made and slightly different from the next due wood variations and hand crafting. They have a solid core that runs the full length/width which might be maple, ambrosia maple, hickory or other strong wood. The variation of the different woods is based on availability and market price.
Ambrosia Maple gets its name from the Ambrosia Beetle that lay eggs in the tree and is not specific to a particular species of maple tree. When the eggs hatch they tunnel in the wood of the tree making little holes and creating colorful streaks in the wood. Sometimes the holes and color streaks are visible and they add great character.
On each end of the CS- Lap Bar poplar wood (which can also have beautiful color streaks) is attached to increase the area that rests on your legs which spreads the weight and adds comfort. The bottom of each end which is the area that contacts your legs is purposely left a little rough so that it does not slide out of position too easily.
The CS-Lap Bar is approximately : 19” (48.5cm)wide or long, 2” (5cm) deep, 2 ¾” (6.8cm) height.
The weight can vary depending on the wood and its density. Weight is; 8oz – 14oz, but tend average in the lighter range around 10oz.
The CS-Lap Bar is $60 + Shipping and handling
Shipping costs
USA - $15 USD
Canada - $22 USD
All Other Countries - $28 USD
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CS-Lap Bar