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The Cymbow was born from my frustration with the fragile, slack and clumsy bows available to me until I discovered a Turkish Spike Fiddle bow while working in Istanbul. It was smaller, allowing me easier use inside the confines of a western drum kit, and I could adjust the tension with my thumb or fingers while playing. This instant RE-tension gives me a way to find the grit/grip to match the grain of my different cymbals.

After a few years touring, my Turkish bow deteriorated so I modified it with popsicle sticks, glue and gaffers tape until my friend the luthier, Ed Reynolds, rebuilt my bow with stronger wood. That bow stood the test of time with Y2K King Crimson, until it frayed and I set about trying to create an even better stronger rock n roll bow from the ground up. . . years go by . . . Enter Kevin Andrews (Expanding Hands Music). To say Kevin moved the design to the next level is an understatement!

Originally designed as a cymbal bow, Cymbows are equally at home used on guitar, upright bass, or any other instrument that you may want to bow.

Cymbows are largely hand crafted. The basic shapes are laser cut from ˝” poplar and the logo is laser engraved. All other work; additional cutting, drilling, filing, sanding, steel reinforcement (16C-only), appling finish, attaching hardware, bow hair, etc is all hand done and in the USA. Because of all of the hand crafting, each Cymbow is slightly different. They are made at expanding Hands Music in Atlanta Georgia.
Cymbows do not have the traditional flat ribbon of horse hair. Each one has a full “hank” of Mongolian horse hair tied on at each end. The black sleeve at the rear of the bow is where you can add extra tension beyond what the thumb nut can provide, and it keeps skin oil and sweat off of the hair.

Your Cymbow will arrive with a bit of rosin on it, but you will want to get some rosin of your choice right away to apply as needed. As you bow cymbals, strings or whatever, the rosin will work its way off the hair. Different people prefer different rosins, so there is no perfect rosin for everyone. Many are available. The rosins that are considered very “sticky” can actually grab too much and break the hair when it’s being applied to the bow.

Rosin should be applied with the hair fairly tight.

Cymbow will fit in most stick bags.

Cymbow loves effects ? put your bowed cymbals into reverbs, delays, detune with pitch shifters, whammy it, loop it. Party.
Merlin Ettore with Cymbow Terry Bozzio with Cymbow
"16C" – 16" long bow and curved
The thin “finger” at the back of the 16C where the hair is tied on has hardened steel rods glued in for additional strength. 16C - in "Natural" finish- $69.99 + S&H
"18S" – 18" long and a straighter shape. 18S - in "Natural" finish - $69.99 + S & H
There are 2 models of the Cymbow, they are available in "Natural" and "Black" finishes.
Shipping and Handling costs
All other countries….…...$25
These charges are included in the final price at Pay Pal checkout.
Purchasing a Cymbow

Please select carefully the correct "Buy Now" option based on the Cymbow model, color, and country that you need your Cymbow shipped to. The shipping costs have been added to the bow price in the final Pay Pal checkout. If the wrong country is selected your Cymbow cannot be shipped until the correct adjustment has been made.
If you need an option that is not one of the 6 choices of each color please email us at info@expandinghandsmusic.com so that we can determine the best way to proceed.
More questions?

Please take the time to look over the Q & A regarding Cymbows to see if the answer to your question is there.
Francesco Zago using Cymbow on guitar
Merlin Ettore - Yamaha Drum artist. This video opens with lots of Cymbow on cymbals action.
Kevin Andrews and Pat Mastelotto Trey Gunn using Cymbow in Studio
Logo created by
Denis Rodier
Pat Mastelotto
Kevin Andrews & Pat Mastelotto
A Cymbow video w/Pat Mastelotto by award winning producer, director, cinematographer, editor and musician Dutch Rall.
Please check it out !
A new Paiste promotional video starring Merlin Ettore and he uses a lot of Cymbow.
"16C" – 16" long bow and curved
The thin “finger” at the back of the 16C where the hair is tied on has hardened steel rods glued in for additional strength. 16C - in "Black" finish- $79.99 + S&H
Black Cymbows cost a little more as there are more materials and labor involved in making them.
"18S" – 18" long and a straighter shape. 18S - in "Black" finish - $79.99 + S & H
Buy "Natural" finish Cymbow here.
Buy "Black" finish Cymbow here.
Trey Gunn
Vasco Trilla
Some great playing here and wonderful use of a Cymbow!
David Kollar
Francesco Zago
Avraham Bank
David Kollar studio improvisation
Hand-Crafted Tools To Stretch Your Sound
Conceived & designed by Pat Mastelotto-Drums (King Crimson, Stick Men, The Crimson ProjeKCt ,Mr. Mister, KTU, TU, Tuner, XTC, and many More) and Kevin Andrews at Expanding Hands Music.
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Tim Motzer
Photo: Avraham Bank