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Hand-Crafted Tools To Stretch Your Sound
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Lockett's Cog:
The Cog was another consequence of many experiments making instruments and beaters for work on film sound tracks. Quite often one marks transitions between scenes with a shaker or effects roll. Of course, this is easily achieved with one hand, whilst the other hand deals with picking something else up. Sometimes I would shake an effect on a drum as well. Once, the producer came on the cans and asked me to repeat the same but without the additional shaker sound. I tried with sticks but it just didn't have that random feel of the shaker. Then, at that moment, the idea of the Cog was born.
The next morning I was in the shed with lumps of wood and hacksaws trying to make a star angled beater for Peter.

The actual development of the Cog really came to meet its ambition when Kevin Andrews (Expanding Hands Music) got hold of the idea. Now we have a Cog with a 8 optional striking points around the star shaped head. Also, the special wood he used makes sure your drums and cymbals don't get damaged.

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The Cog's head is crafted from 3/4" thick poplar with it's 8 point shape laser cut and the logo laser engraved. Additional hand filing, shaping, sanding, drilling, gluing & finishing is done at Expanding Hands Music. The Cog's handle is round 1/2" oak.
The 8 point head of the Cog is 2" across and the total length is approx 7 1/2". It is finished in matte clear coat.

Poplar wood can be a pure blond color or there can be streaks of green and brown and our wood rarely has any knots.

The tip of the handle has a black rubber material for grip and to reinforce the wood so the the handle end can be used as a small mallet.
The Cog is effective on any surface, from drums and percussion instruments to the strings of guitars, bass guitars, touch-style guitars, even tables, Santoors or whatever you like.

The Cog allows you to do drum rolls with one hand or using a Cog in each hand on separate drums of differing sizes for dual rolls.

Used on electric string instruments such as guitars, processing with effects and looping, a Cog can open many new possibilities.
Pete Lockett

No tuning or rosin is required at all. Simply swivel and roll. It's Cognition in its simplest manifestation but must not be confused with any school of psychology.
Keep it in your stick bag when not in use. If you are not a drummer, get a stick bag.

The Cog is effective on any surface, from percussion instruments to guitars, bass guitars, touch-style guitars, tables, Santoors or whatever you like.
Pete's Tips:
Made in the USA
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